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Save Money & Save the World.

Buy the change you want to see in the world!

We've built an app that shows YOU which companies are using YOUR money to buy the laws & politicians that benefit THEM. Now YOU can shop with the brands that match YOUR values, and even earn cash back while you do it! 

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Unfortunately large donations from a select few control our politics. We believe that we can give you your political power back one purchase at a time by showing you how brands are using YOUR money to buy political influence & by matching you to the ones that support YOUR values...


We envision a world where shopping is not just simple consumerism, but where it becomes a conscious act of activism. We see a world where every purchase will be a powerful tool for political change, and strive to make it easy for everyone to shop their values.


Our app gives shoppers information about the political affiliations and donations of the brands that they are considering, so everyone can make the most informed decisions possible. But activism can be expensive, that's why we also provide our users with cashback on purchases where we can.


Why we are doing this.

How We Do It

How we do it.

The data

Our research partner,, has gathered and processed the data that we use to match you with brands. First they collect political donation data from the Federal Elections Commission & VotingSmarter then sources detailed interest group endorsement and candidate position data regarding the major political issues that you care about from their partner A well known neutral voter education platform that has existed 30 years. 

The process

VotingSmarter uses all those data to map the political donations made by companies and their employees to the political positions of the candidates that they’ve financially supported to build a “political impact profile” for each brand. Shoppyist then compares YOUR preferences to every corporate political impact profile we get from VotingSmarter to calculate your percentage match with each brand. Shoppyists (our users) are then free to shop with any brand they choose based on how well they match and/or how much cash back a brand is paying in our app.


Dedication. Passion. Expertise.

We've assembled a diverse team of passionate change-makers each with specialized expertise to ensure Shoppyist can deliver on it's promise to help you save money and the world.

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